Asian Games 2018 : Junya Koga from Japan Fails Drug Test

The Asian Games 2018 will be held this season and like other sports swimming will be a interesting sport that will keep the onlookers excited about the game. However, there is a bad news for swimming lovers especially from Japan. The star swimmer from Japan, Junya Koga has failed certain mandatory drug test conducted by the World Anti Doping Agency(WADA).

Junya Koga tested positive for traces of androgen receptor modulars LGD 4033 and SARM S 22 both banned products which can help build muscles  and listed as prohibited items in the “other anabolic agents” listed by WADA.

Junya Koga Asian Games 2018
Junya Koga Asian Games 2018

Earlier Japanese kayaker Yasuhiro Suzuki was banned for eight years for spiking his rival’s drink.

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