Brendan Bottcher goes undefeated to open men’s reality twisting title – WMCC 2021 Latest News

A Canadian opponent’s help fills a hole for Brendan Bottcher at the men’s reality twisting title. The big showdown stones in Calgary are not the stones Bottcher and partners tossed to win a Canadian title a month ago in a similar field.

The World Curling Federation’s stones utilized at WinSport’s Markin MacPhail Center were last thrown at the 2019 men’s big showdown in Lethbridge, Alta., where Kevin Koe addressed Canada. Colton Flasch, Koe’s second that year, has provided Bottcher’s foursome with a “rock book” that is an exploring report on each stone’s development.

“He gave us his book from the ’19 universes,” Bottcher third Darren Molding said. “That simply shows us Canadian stylers, we have each other’s backs.” Bottcher, Molding and front end Brad Thiessen and Karrick Martin from Edmonton fought against eminent loss to beat Scotland’s Bruce Mouat 9-6 in Canada’s opener Friday

Down 5-2 at the fifth-end break, Canada scored two in the 6th, seventh and ninth finishes to be up 8-6 returning home without last-rock advantage. The Scots couldn’t create a deuce with hammer and surrendered a take of one. Mouat, a bronze medallist in 2018, is a competitor for the title in Calgary.

“We were strong that game,” Bottcher said. “We struggled hard. That was a major success for us over the span of the week.

“I’d lie on the off chance that I said there was certainly not a tad of butterflies. It’s a beautiful cool inclination. We’ve been wearing the (Canada) shirts for a couple of days at this point. We’re playing in a big showdown. That is mother truckin cool.”

The hosts likewise bested Japan’s Matsumura Yuta 8-5 out of an evening attract to move to 2-0, while Scotland reacted with a 7-2 success over Denmark to even its record 1-1. Koe crushed Bottcher in the 2019 Tim Hortons Brier last and took silver in Lethbridge behind champion Niklas Edin of Sweden.

Nine of 14 avoids in the current year’s BK Tires and OK Tire World Men’s Curling Championship likewise contended in Lethbridge. They have stone insight the Canadians would need notwithstanding Flasch’s liberality.

“We are all Team Canada and anything to help them,” Flasch wrote in a message to The Canadian Press. “I would think with no data they would be in a tough spot and any additional data from the get-go in the week would just assistance them.”

The WCF’s stones feel lighter and not exactly as exuberant in the house as the Brier rocks, said Molding. “They are unexpected stones in comparison to we utilized in the Brier and running a tad uniquely in contrast to we’re accustomed to seeing,” Bottcher said.

Olympic champ Shuster, de Cruz open with wins

The Russian Curling Federation group skipped by Sergey Glukhov won twice Friday. Glukhov’s true group name is Russian Curling Federation due to World Anti-Doping Agency sanctions against his country. Norway’s Steffan Walstad and Italy’s Joel Retornaz additionally went 2-0 on Day 1.

Ruling Olympic top dog John Shuster of the United States and Switzerland’s Peter de Cruz opened with wins Friday to sit 1-0, while Japan’s Matsumura was close by Scotland at 1-1. The Swiss edged consecutive best on the planet Edin 8-7 of every an additional end.

Sweden and Germany’s Sixten Totzek were 0-1, while Jaap Van Doorp of the Netherlands, Denmark’s Mads Noergaard, South Korea’s Jeong Yeong-seok and China’s Zou Quiang begun 0-2