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The 2019 BWF World tour, known officially as 2019 HSBC BWF World Tour, is the second season of the BWF world tour of badminton, a circuit of 26 tournaments towards the finals.

The 27 tournaments are divided into 5 levels :

Level 1 : The HSBC World Tour Finals,

Level 2 : Called Super 1000 [ 3 Tournaments]

Level 3: Called Super 750 [5 Tournaments]

Level 4 : Called Super 500 [ 7 Tournaments] and

Level 5 : Called Super 300 [ 11 Tournaments].

Each of these tournaments offers different ranking points and prize money. The highest points and prize pool is offered at the Super 1000 level.

One other category of tournament

Level 6 : Called Super 100

The BWF World tour also offers BWF World Tour ranking points. Although this level is not part of the HSBC BWF World Tour, it is an important part of the pathway and entry point for players into the HSBC BWF World Tour tournaments. When the 10 Level 6 grade tournaments of the BWF Tour Super 100 are included, the complete tour consists of 37 tournaments. IPL 2019 Live Streaming.

BWF World Tour 2019 Title Sponser :

HSBC full form is Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.HSBC holdings plc is a British multinational banking and financial services holding company. It is the 7th largest bank in the world, and the largest in Europe, with total assets of US$2.558 trillion as of December 2018.

What Are The Badminton World Federations Championships?

The Badminton world federations championships is a badminton competitions that is managed by the Badminton World Federations . This tournament was previously known as the IBF World championships, when it began in 1977. After the first championship it was held twice by 1983 [once every 3 years] . At the same time the badminton world federations was also holding a badminton tournaments with the same objectives .Because of this conflict and repetitive nature, the IBF later merged with the Badminton World Federations.

BWF World Tournaments 2019 Details :

Dates :   8 January  To   15  December

Edition : 2nd

Official Site :

Key :  World Tour Finals

Super  1000

Super 750

Super 500

Super 300

Super 100

BWF world tour 2019 live scores

Top fifteen singles players and top ten doubles pairs in the World Ranking will be required to play in all Super 1000, Super 750 and 4 out of 7 Super 500 tournaments occurring in the full calendar year. A fine and above the normal withdrawal fees will be imposed upon players/pairs who fail to play. Exemption from penalty will be considered by BWF on receipt of a valid medical certificate or strong evidence that prove players unfit to participate. However, suspended or retired are not subject to these regulations.

Current regulations state that at least six umpires must be from member associations other than the host member association, at least four BWF and two continental certificated umpires with well spread nationality. All umpires and service judges shall meet the eligibility criteria set for the panel of Technical Officials they belong to.

At the end of the BWF World Tour circuit, top eight players/pairs in the BWF World Tour standing of each discipline, with the maximum of two players/pairs from the same member association, are required to play in a final tournament known as the BWF World Tour Finals. 

BWF World Tour 2019 History :

The World Badminton Federation is a former badminton organization, it was founded in February 1978 and ceased its operation on May 26, 1981 after it merged with the International Badminton Federation (now known as Badminton World Federation). It’s also known as BWF.
The World Badminton Federation was established as a result of the dissatisfaction of some badminton nations, led by then non-IBF member China, with the policies of the International Badminton Federation, the governing body of international badminton formed in the 1930s. The two main issues were the IBF’s acceptance of Taiwan as a national organization, and its refusal to dismiss the South African association due to the apartheid policies of the then South African government.
During its establishment, the World Badminton Federation organized two editions of its own World Championship, one held in Bangkok in 1978, the other in Hangzhou in 1979.
The union with the International Badminton Federation was brought into being following the decision of Taiwan to change the name of its organization to the Chinese Taipei Badminton Association and a promise from South African Badminton Union not to participate in the Thomas and Uber Cups or IBF World Championships. Relatively minor changes in voting rules were also approved. ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Live Streaming

In March 1981, a special conference was held with the voting result of 57 to 4 in support of unification. On May 26, 1981, the World Badminton Federation officially united with International Badminton Federation. Copa America 2019 Live Streaming

BWF World Tour 2019 Umpires :

Current regulations state that at least six umpires must be from member association other than the host member association, at least four BWF and two Continental Certificated umpires with well spread nationality. All umpires are service judges shall meet the eligibility criteria set for the panel of Technical Officials they belong to.

BWF World Tour 2019 Complete Schedule :

8-13 JanuaryThailand Masters
15-20 JanuaryMalaysia Masters
22-27 JanuaryIndonesia Masters
19-24 FebruarySpain Masters
26 Feb.- 3 MarchGerman Open
6-10 MarchAll England Open
12-17 MarchSwiss Open
12-17 MarchLingsui China Masters
19-24 MarchOrleance Masters
26-31 MarchIndia Open
2-7 AprilMalaysia Open
9-14 AprilSingapore Open
30 April – 5 MayNew Zealand Open
4-9 JuneAustralian Open
2-7 JulyCanada Open
9-14 JulyU.S Open
16-21 July Indonesia Open
16-21 JulyRussian Open
23-28 JulyJapan Open
30 July- 4 AugustThailand Open
6 – 11 AugustHyderabad Open
13 – 18 AugustAkita Masters
3 – 8 SeptemberChainese Taipei Open
10 – 15 SeptemberVietnam Open

What Are The Top Performing Countries In The World Badminton Championships ?

Between 1977 and 2001, 3 possible medals were awarded to players from only 5 countries : China , Denmark, Korea , Malaysia and Indonesia .

In 2003 however 2 additional countries joined the rank of medal winners. By 2005 , medals were awarded to people from 10 countries.

Top Performing Nations In World Badminton Championships :

4South Korea10132952
10United States1001

How to Watch BWF World Tour Online And On T.V ?

This is a list of Television broadcasters which provide covrage of the BWF World Tour Super 300 [ Broadcast in every Saturday and Sunday] Super 500 [ Every Friday to Sunday] Super 750 [ Every Thursday to Sunday] and Super 1000 [ every Wednesday to Sunday] as well as BWF World Tour Finals Live



China – CCTV , QQ Live

Denmark – TV2 SPORTS

Hong kong – i -Cable

India – Star Sports

Indonesia – Kompas TV, Trans 7, TVRI







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