Indian Hockey Team hopeful of Gold at Indonesia : Sardar Singh

Sardar Singh, the star player of Indian Hockey Team has claimed that the team is aspiring for a gold medal at Asian Games and will not settle for anything else other than gold.

It was last in 2014 that Indian Team won a Gold medal and the team wants to repeat history this time also at Indonesia.

Sardar Singh is a senior player in the team who has played more than 300 matches for the country and his experience will surely be helpful to other team members.

Hockey Asian Games
Hockey Asian Games

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After the India Coach for Hockey Mr. Harendra Singh took over, there can be seen a new energy among all the players.

It may be noted that Indian Hockey team stood at 4th rank in the recently held commonwealth games but then looking at the current team members form, the team is hopeful for the highest medal in the game.

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