Is Indonesia ready for Asian games 2018, Mostly Done with some pitfalls

The Asian Games is nearing and with the passage of the time, the organizers are fast pacing their efforts to make both the cities ready for the event. So, is the nation ready to welcome and manage about 11000 athletes and 5000 officials from 45 Asian countries for the biggest multisport Asian event?? Lets have some insights.

Infrastructure related work such as widening  of the roads, planting  trees and building work is almost done with a team of workers working round the clock, so that the visitors have a nice experience. The Gelora Bung Karno main stadium has been renovated totally for the event by spending around 30 trillion rupiah.

But the concerns also needs to be looked upon by the local govt. The traffic in Indonesia is a big hurdle and to make the athletes reach the venue on time by the main road would be a tough task for the organizers who will have to make out some really different plans. The athletes’ village is almost ready but it backs out on to a foul smelling river which may not give good experience to the athletes.

Since Indonesia has got less time for the preparation of the event after Vietnam pulled out for some reasons,it will have to really stand hard up to meet expectations.

From Security point of view, it will have to employ a lot of workforce in order to manage things in manner so that there is no mishappening or unfortunate event.

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