Khelo India 2022 Archery Live Scores Online

Archery is very important sports in multi sports event and this is the most famous in Khelo India youth games also. Khelo India is also known as KIYG 2020 and it is the third edition of the Khelo India.

Archery at the KIYG 2020 will be scheduled from January 10 to 14 in LINPE Sonapur at the Guwahati. Enjoy the Archery games with us. Check out the below info about watching live stream Archery at the Khelo India 2020.

About Archery

A target archery competition involves shooting at a ten ring target. Each ring is worth a different pointed value depending on how close to the centre it is – with the outermost ring worth one point and the central ring worth ten points.An archery target involves five different colours with an ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ ring of each colour.

The five colours are white, black, blue, red, and gold – with inner gold being worth the most points.In a team game, members of the same team take it in turns to shoot, with their points cumulated to make a team total. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

How to watch Archery at the Khelo India Youth Games 2020 Live Telecast ?

Below the list channels where you can watch the Khelo India 2020 live Stream.

Star India has expanded the broadcast coverage for the third edition. The coverage of the upcoming season will include live telecast in five languages (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and English) .

Watch Khelo India 2020 Live Telecast : Star Sports 2, Star Sports 2 HD , For Hindi Star Sports 1 , Star Sports 1 HD

You can also watch KIYG 2020 Live stream on