Khelo India 2022 Badminton Live Scores Online

January 18 to 21, 2020

A racquet sport played by hitting a shuttlecock across a net, either in a ‘singles’ match between two players, or as a ‘doubles’ match between two pairs. The game has become very popular in Asia and is often dominated by Chinese athletes.

The game follows the same basic format of many racquet sports, with competitors attempting to hit the shuttlecock (used in place of a ball) onto their opponent’s side of the court. If that opponent fails to make a legal return, the first player wins the point. copaamerica

The shuttlecock is a plastic projectile shaped like a small cone and is formed by having sixteen overlapping feathers (or a plastic skirt) around a cork base. Its unique shape makes it challenging for new players to hit, as it impacts both its flight and movement.

Starting Date : 9,  January 2019