SEA Games 2021 deferred to 2022 because of COVID-19 pandemic

South Asian biggest multi sports events SEA Games 2021 postponed to 2022 because of covid 19 pandemic. The Southeast Asian Games, which were a direct result of occurring in Vietnam this year, have been postponed because of the pandemic and will be held in 2022, an individual from the getting sorted out gathering said Thursday.

At the 2019 SEA Games, the Philippines – the host country – beat the award table, with 149 golds. Vietnam came next with 98 gold awards.

The postponement was a direct result of the pandemic, he said, with Vietnam proposing to have the Games in April or May one year from now. The decision comes after Vietnam revealed 9,000,000 people in Ho Chi Minh City would go into lockdown for around fourteen days in the early significant stretches of Friday.

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The regional Olympics were intended to be held in Hanoi and 11 distinct regions from November 21 to December 2. However, Vietnam is endeavoring to contain another Covid erupt, and various Southeast Asian Games events were masterminded in regions hard-hit by the new surge of pollutions.

Unquestionably, the 31st SEA games won’t (be facilitated) for this present year as booked in November,” said Varin Tansuphasiri, Games Council part and agent secretary of the Thai Olympic Committee. Vietnam needs to delay the Games until the following year, 2022.”

Hanoi, which was to be at the point of convergence of the SEA Games, has had less cases anyway on Thursday suspended vehicle gets together with something like 14 metropolitan networks and locales to fight the contamination’s spread.

Contamination bunches have appeared all around the country, recalling the northern current regions of Bac Ninh and Bac Giang, where Games events were a direct result of occurring. Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry agent Le Thi Thu Hang told reporters Thursday that experts had endorsed to “delay the facilitating of 31st SEA Games to a more proper time”.

In spite of the fact that, Tansuphasiri said it was not satisfactory to sort out a suitable time in the next year’s wielding plan.

“There’s as of now such a large number of games one year from now,” he said, refering to the Beijing Winter Olympics in February 2022 and the Commonwealth Games in July one year from now. There will be a difficult situation for Vietnam to have in 2022.”

Vietnam was before a model for contamination guideline in view of its wide contact-following and demanding confines, notwithstanding, it has endeavored to get and complete antibodies. Its local neighbors are faring a great deal of all the more dreadful – with Indonesia recognizing an enormous number of new cases each day and Thailand contemplating harsher constraints following a record step by step death toll on Thursday.

“The SEA Games Federation individuals applauded the work done up to this point by the Vietnam Organizing Committee however observed the momentum states of the Covid-19 pandemic in the South-East Asian district,” said an articulation.

Vietnam as of late worked with the SEA Games in 2003. It’s everything except a spending plan of around $69 million for the Games. The multi sports challenge is depended upon to attract very nearly 20,000 individuals, including around 7,000 contenders, from 11 countries, as shown by state media. Similarly as Olympic controls, sports are presumably going to consolidate billiards and snooker, weight preparing, chess, and bowling, an old-fashioned kind of Uzbek wrestling.