Security to beefed up with three security zones at Asian Games 2018

To prevent anykind of vandalism or mishappening during the biggest sport event of Asia, the organizing comitte of AsianĀ  Games 2018 or INASGOC will providing a layer of security to all the incumbents.

The chairman confirmed that there will be only two entry doors, one will be for accredited individuals and other for the ticket holders. This is in turn will have three zone security which will include the first check point where every individual to be searched one by one before entering the venue including Gelora Bung Karno Sports Complex in Senayan, Jakarta or Jakabaring in Palembang, South Sumatra. The spectators would be only allowed to carry their tickets and no carry bags or any other material with them.

The second check point would be ticket checking of all spectators since the tickets would be sold online only and no ticket selling in the arena.

The third zone would again check the tickets and confirm the seat number.

Thus, there would be immense security and checking for all those sports lovers interesting in visiting Indonesia to personally watch their favourite sport.

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