Watch Men’s Singles Match Princess Sirivannavari Thailand Masters 2019 Live Scores Online

This international tournament will be held at Indoor Stadium Huamark in Bangkok , Thailand.

Men’s Singles Princess Sirivannavari Thailand Masters 2019 :

1 Lin Dan   : Lin Dan is a Chinese  professional player in badminton.  He is a two time                          Olympic champion, five time World champion, as well as a six time All                                England Champion  .

2 Khosit Phetpradab : Khosit Phetpradab is a Thai badminton player.

3 Kantaphon Wangcharoen : Kantaphon Wangcharoen is a Thai badminton player.                                                                 He was the runner up at the  2014  Singapore                                                                                   tournament  in the men’s singles event after losing the                                                                 match  because of foot injury. Wangcharoen clinched                                                                   the bronze medal at the World Junior championship in                                                               the boy’s singles  event.

4 Suppanyu Avihingsanon :  Suppanyu Avihingsanon is a Thai badminton player. He                                                             was the men’s singles gold medalist at the 2011 summer                                                             Universiade.

5 Jan O Jorgensen : Jan O Jorgensen  is a male badminton player from Denmark.  He                                           plays in the Denmark badminton League representing SIF                                                         [Skovshoved  ]

 6 Wang Tzu- wei :  Wang Tzu wei is a Taiwanese badminton player. He won his first                                           international title at the 2014 New Zealand open tournament. In                                           2016, he also won the Grand Prix title at the Dutch Open .

7 Brice  Leverdez  :  Brice Leverdez is a French badminton player.

8 Lu Guangzu : Lu Guangzu is a Chinese badminton player. In 2018 Lu made into his                                   first finalist on Lingsui China Masters. Since then he both won                                              Australian  Open and Canada Open’s titles.